Monday, September 28, 2009

Activities for the week of 9/28/09-10/02/09

Mon - Popsicle picture frames ~These will not go home with your children today. You will have to wait until tomorrow! We have still got to put pictures in them for you guys!

Tue - Cotton ball Art ~We are going to make colored cotton balls and glue them onto "trees" for apples!!

Wed - Colored Rice Pictures ~ This is a great sensory project for young ones! We color the rice with food coloring and then when they are dry we sprinkle them onto paper with glue on it!

Thu - Paper Plate Fish ~ We will make a fish out of a paper plate and torn construction paper for the scales!

Fri - Nature Collages ~We are going on a walk around our "neighborhood" today! This collage will have little pieces of nature that we collected while we were out!

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