Monday, September 28, 2009

Children's Meal Plan 9/28/09 - 10/02/09

Note to Parents: This menu may vary due to your child's age. For children under the age of 2, some foods may be hard to eat, therefore substituted with something a bit easier for them. As always, you will be able to see exactly what your child ate on their daily communication log!
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Mon - Breakfast: Blueberry Pancakes and milk
Snack: Cheerios and 100% fruit juice
Lunch: Mini Corn Dogs with french fries and fruit. Apple juice to drink.
Snack: Nutrigrain bar and milk

Tue - Breakfast: Oatmeal, fruit and milk to drink
Snack: Rice cake and apple juice
Lunch: Tyson chicken nuggets, a veggie and milk to drink
Snack: Animal crackers and juice

Wed - Breakfast: French Toast, fruit, and milk to drink
Snack: Fruit snacks made of 100% fruit juice
Lunch: Grilled Cheese Sandwich, apple sauce, milk to drink
Snack: Ham and Cheese Cubes, White Grape juice

Thu - Breakfast: Cereal, white grape juice
Snack: Yogurt
Lunch: Spaghetti O's, fruit, and milk to drink
Snack: Banana Pudding

Fri - Breakfast: Smashed Eggs, whole wheat toast, orange juice to drink
Snack: Cottage Cheese, carrot sticks
Lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, baby goldfish, milk to drink
Snack: Graham Crackers with homemade cream cheese fruit spread

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