Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Outside Play 9/29/09

We had so much fun playing outside this morning! My neighbor/friend Angela (and my emergency care provider), who also does in home childcare, came outside with us and brought her group of kiddos! We road "bikes" in the grass, played on the see saw and rolled down the hill!We also had races to the tree and back to see who could be the fastest! The children had a BLAST! We brought out a playpen and infant toys for the babies and set them up in the shade. After a little over an hour everybody started to a little bit cranky because they just wore their little selves out. So we came inside and had lunch and laid down for a nap! We plan on going outside again a little later on this afternoon! The weather is just to nice outside to keep the little ones cooped up in here. When we go out this afternoon, I won't forget my camera! I will post pictures for you parents so you can see what your kids are up to!

Hope you are having as great of a day as we are!
Much love and thanks!

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