Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10/13/09 A FULL House!

I got my last available spot filled yesterday. Another 3 year old boy, he started this morning! So far things are great! I have my two daily kiddos (3 if you count mine), my new one, and my part timer is here today as well! So like my title says, I have a FULL HOUSE today!

We had scrambled eggs and toast with butter and jelly for breakfast. For lunch we are having turkey and cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread with goldfish.

I really wish this rain would stop! I know the kids are getting restless being all couped up in the house all the time, I wish I could take them out to play. I now have too many of them to just take them out on the patio, and it is all wet and muddy so I can't let them out in the grass. BOO!!!

I am going to take some pictures today, so keep your eyes peeled and come back so you can see them!

Thats all for now!

Much love and thanks,

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