Tuesday, October 6, 2009

YAY for PLAY! 10/06/09

So my first arrival today is in about 5 minutes. I went this morning and bought the kiddos a "My Little Kitchen". I have it all set up! I am excited for them to see it! My son is already playing with it!

It is raining again today so more inside activities instead of outside play today. I am thinking about getting the puzzles out and all of us sitting down at the dining room table and playing puzzles. Also, we have the ABC board game which would be both educational (as always, lol) and fun!

During our learning time today we are going to focus on the letter "B", the number "2", the color "red", and the shape "circle". We will be getting out the flash cards and the little ones will help identify which one is which. We will also be naming things throughout the day that start with "B" etc.

Right now, I have on some morning cartoons while my son eats breakfast. When Kyler gets here, he will eat, and watch cartoons, then after this show is over, the TV goes off and to Circle Time we go. Today we are going to do "The Ittsy Bittsy Spider".

Later today, during naptime, I will post the weekly activity schedule and meal plan so that you guys know whats going on!

Thats all for now!
Much love and thanks!

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