Friday, October 9, 2009

A fabulous day! 10/09/09

We had two new friends join us today! We all had a great time. It was really cold today so we couldn't go outside and play for too long. We did however, go out on the patio for a few minutes. The kids played on the seesaw, wrote with sidewalk chalk! I have some real artists here guys!

We watched a movie today. I know, we don't usually do that, but today just felt like a movie day! We watched "The Bee Movie" everybody fell asleep during the movie, but that's ok, we had a busy day!

For arts and crafts today we made paper plate handprint ducks. We folded a paper plate in half and glued it shut. Then we cut out a circle for the head, traced our hands and cut them out for the tail feathers, and cut out orange feet! The kids got to draw on the face however they wanted.

But now, the kids are gone, and Lance is in bed sound asleep... it is now Amanda time.

Talk to you all later!

Much love and thanks!

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